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I’ve been at every level of business, from micro to major, so I’m bringing those lessons learned to you in hopes that you can bypass a few bumps along this entrepreneurial road (you’ll have enough of your own, trust me) and get a little encouragement to stay the course, grow and go harder.


21 Reasons Why People Become An Entrepreneur

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Towan, Keep It 100:
How Important Is Credit in Business?

Millennials 497849332

Mastering Millennials:
Are They Entitled or Just Too Dang Confident?

Prepare quote 295605050

Am I Ready? Is the Timing Right?

Opening curtains 551522668

Behind the Curtain

Metamorphosis 176731424

Transition Transforms

Running steps 362174912

Sprint. Deliberate. Communicate.

Dream team 370590653

3 People Every Powerhouse Person Should Have on Their Team

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Set the Expectation