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3 People Every Powerhouse Person Should Have on Their Team

E File | Posted on October 17, 2012

As an entrepreneur, I often speak on leadership, entrepreneurship, and organizational development. The quintessential question I'm always asked is What should every business owner know? My response is "I can tell you the three people every business owner should have." In the past 12 years of entrepreneurship, I've learned that every business should have a surrogate, a servant, and a supporter.

A surrogate is someone who acts on behalf of another. A surrogate is instrumental in taking your business to the next level. The surrogate introduces you to a new network of people, opportunities, and resources your immediate circle or access does not provide. A surrogate can be a person or an organization. The surrogate and you should share the same vision for success—professionally and personally.

A servant is someone who is employed by another. A servant isn't someone beneath you; quite the contrary, it's the person who helps grow your organization out, ensuring that the culture of your business is fully represented and that your clients or patrons are happy. The servant embraces the vision and the owner's motivation and intention, and replicates that among other team members.

A supporter is someone who personally restores balance and refreshes you. Holding a key position, a supporter is not to be confused with someone who provides work-life balance, which, by the way, went out with the economy. The supporter says "You're doing a great job." As children, we loved to hear our parents say "You are the best in the world – no one is better!" (Or maybe that was just me?!) We all require encouragement along the way, and that doesn't change in adulthood. The supporter is always supporting, attending, professing...they are your greatest personal advocate and encourage you to keep going...harder, stronger, better, faster.