Business Tools and Resources

Tools and resources for managing your business are essential to save time and money

Towan’s career spans 22 years. During those years, Towan has created thousands of resources and tools for clients, small businesses, employees, and students.

Marketing nowadays can be all consuming and sometimes overwhelming even for us seasoned marketing experts.

Training and speaking at national conferences on entrepreneurship and marketing throughout the United States enables Towan to leverage an arsenal of small business resources you will find nowhere else other than here.

Many people will charge you thousands of dollars for one-on-one coaching, but Towan just wants to share her knowledge and resources. Since building her business and generating over $21 million in business revenue throughout her career as CEO of the marketing company she founded, she speaks and trains marketing and business owners extensively on all things marketing, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

If you want to stay connected to Towan and take advantage of the resources she has available, follow her on social media @TowanIsomCEO and subscribe to the receive emails. Towan loves to share, the question is can you keep up. Twice a month, you’ll receive a worksheet handout that guides you through various marketing strategies for your organization and business.