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What Should I Wear to a Job Interview?

M File | Posted on June 13, 2019

Everyone loved what you wore to the club last night, but today you’re going to a job interview. So, what should you wear? First and foremost, aim conservative. You have your own funky style, but a potential boss who’s never met you may not interpret that style the way you intend. Go for a slightly muted version of you to make the best first impression. Represent not just where you are today, but where you’re going.

Here are my top five tips for dressing for a job interview:

  1. Wear a suit. I know you want to show your little personality, but get the job first. And then wait until a couple more weeks to start wearing your swag.
  2. Be sure to wear dress shoes. When you get only one meeting to demonstrate how important this job is to you, tennis shoes tell the interviewer you’re too casual about the whole thing.
  3. Wear a white dress shirt. It’s better to be safer than sorry. Ladies can switch it up by wearing a colorful bottom, while guys should stick to the black, gray, or navy.
  4. Be well groomed. Make sure your hair, nails, and skin are clean and tidy.
  5. Be prepared. Bring your resume and at least five facts you learned in your research about the company. Wearing your preparation and professionalism so the interviewer can see them will help to seal the deal.

I know you want to show your little personality, your style, swag, but wait a couple weeks to start that.

— Towan Isom