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How Do You Become Valuable?

M File | Posted on December 22, 2010

Come to our office and you would experience 15-hour days interrupted by conversations on everything from breast implants and religion to pop culture and how to fry chicken. Not the most common work place today, but we've managed to win a substantial amount of business doing what we do very well – being smart, innovative, providing good customer service, and yes...work, work, work, work.

Work, work, work should not be mistaken for value. Many people work at a job, but not all bring value. So, how does one bring value? Value is assessed two ways: 1) an employer's need and 2) an employee's productivity.

  • Need: Employers hire based on their requirement to fill a need; something needs to get done.
  • Productivity: Does the employee deliver ahead of time and on time? Does he or she create additional ways to bring money to the business, help the supervisor leave early, or provide a solution to a problem.

I have a saying in business: "Before I meet the client, it's our job to know what they need, how we are going to fill their needs, and how we're going to prove we brought value."

The question is...Are you valuable?