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Are You Bold Enough?

T File | Posted on September 08, 2010

A life without living beyond traditional expectation isn't really living; it is existing. In fact, others often avoid bold people because boldness challenges us. In the midst of boldness, complacency is not optional. Bold people force us to live in the sphere of greater expectation, to believe in the impossible.

I welcome boldness in every aspect of my life, professionally and personally. I embrace my bold clients, colleagues, and friends. They are highly capable and confident. And yes, sometimes they are frustrating; but in the quest for greatness, I'd rather surround myself with bold comrades than timid cowards who will not push me into my greatness. It is important to note that being rude and having no tact are not the same as being bold.

If I want everyone to like me, boldness is not a trait I should develop. Boldness often requires going against the grain, which can be difficult in our "go along to get along" society. The greats (Rosa Parks, Gandhi, Mitch Snyder, Susan B. Anthony, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Billy Graham, among others) never went along with the crowd for convenience. All spoke up and acted with boldness. Greatness demands boldness.