Millennial Expert to Executives

Optimizing Millennials in the Workplace

There are all sorts of Millennial Experts, Millennial Consultants, Millennial Motivational Speakers, and Millennial Generation Experts, but very few have hired, managed, and developed Millennials in a for-profit business, which makes what they share all just theory.

“There are tons of millennial experts, but Towan manages and grows millennials everyday in her business which is a huge difference, it's not just theory, its practical.”

— Tonie Restrepo

Managing Millennials in the workplace involves creating an infrastructure to support training and providing comprehensive and measurable development and oversight. As a business owner, with taxes, employees, compensation benefits, healthcare payments, etc., I can assure you, you don’t want non-experts who have never actually managed Millennials themselves telling you the trappings of managing Millennials. My Managing Millennials toolkit, How to Build an Empire with Millennials, came about as a result of clients noticing and asking how I had such success with the Millennials in my firm.

The toolkit highlights Strategies to Optimize Millennials in Your Business

  • Create a value proposition that engages Millennials.
  • Outline a recruiting process specifically for Millennials.
  • Develop a growth plan to retain Millennials in the workplace.
  • Understand junior vs. senior Millennials and their expectations.

As a Millennial expert, Towan has helped many firms optimize Millennials, establish ways to engage Millennial energy in business practices, and create a recruitment process for getting the best Millennial talent.

If you need a speaker to leverage real-life practices executed at a company, download Towan’s speaker kit, and bring her to your next conference.

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